All our work and dedication are centred on the wellbeing of plants and the creation of beautiful, innovative, practical pots. This is what Deroma is: not only a large Italian group with subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities all over the world, but also, and more importantly, a hothouse of innovative gardening ideas and solutions, where design and innovation are kneaded together with terracotta and passion to form unique objects.

We are Made in Italy, a product of Italian creativity and dogged perseverance. Indeed, the idea of combining the thousand-year long tradition of making terracotta in the Veneto with Italian technological and industrial excellence was what made Deroma set up business in the first place, back in 1955. The same inspiration, the same idea are still today the driving force that inspires and spurs on every new business of a group that has become a world leader in the pot manufacturing industry.

A perfect combination of innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technology, style and design, intelligent manufacturing, attention to detail and ability to never be content with the objectives achieved, whilst striving towards continuous development and improvement.


The Deroma Group today is the most important industrial group in the world in the plant and decorative pot sector.

The manufacturing and sales facilities our group has developed over the past few years and our presence on all the major markets represent a guarantee in terms of quality and service for the customer. Deroma’s presence in basically all the distribution chains in the DIY sector and in over 10,000 Garden Centers is in fact proof of the success and popularity the brand has achieved.

The Deroma philosophy is centred upon the search for quality at every stage of the process and is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified, which guarantees: careful selection of raw materials, manufacturing technologies and methods that ensure extremely high standards and widespread, experienced commercial and after-sales services. We also abide by the “International Ethical Code of Conduct” in order to protect staff and the environment in which our Group carries out its activities.

In line with our deep-rooted conviction that Deroma’s success is mainly due to the value and talents of the people for work for the Company day in day out.


Five commercial branches spread around Europe and the USA and 3 manufacturing facilities located in Italy, the USA and China.

Consistently putting our efforts into searching for the very best result possible, this is the shared commitment of a multicultural team, which pools all the creativity and inventiveness of its international members.


We consistently put our energy into searching for the very best result possible. We naturally gravitate towards excellence. We are a value partner and have always been convinced that the relationship between customers and suppliers must develop into a form of collaboration aimed at creating value.

A relationship that enables the Deroma Group to make available a considerable range of quality services, that are consistently implemented and perfected according to the requirements expressed by our partners.

Marketing - Communications, Logistics and After-Sales Support.

Product development

We create, design, develop and manufacture our products with one very clear aim in mind: the wellbeing of your plants.

Every pot bearing the Deroma brand has been designed, perfected and manufactured with the aim of accommodating and protecting a plant.  And there is always more than one pot that is perfect for every plant.

Our range of different options enable you to choose a product with the right technical features for the plant it is to accommodate, but at the same time has the aesthetic and design qualities to make it a decorative furnishing item that fits in with every style.