The dream of getting greenery – plants and “plant systems“– to play a leading role in architecture and contemporary interior design.

Teracrea was set up in 2002, and since 2006 has been part of the Deroma Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flower and plant pots. A highly structured, tangible company, and at the same time, a visionary laboratory, it provides a space where young talents of international design, invited to a sort of on-going “contest”, can compare, collaborate and compete, in order to go beyond the conventional pairing up of pots and plants with their purely decorative function. There they can experiment new uses for both traditional and research materials, imagine mind-boggling solutions in which greenery is not subordinate to space but organises it, gives it character and structure, both indoors and out, in commercial and residential settings.

Teracrea acts as an incubator of ideas, a meeting point where cultures and experiences are shared and exchanged, and has become the focal point for a group of architects and landscape designers who profoundly believe in the project and put themselves, all their creativity and their desire to pursue new paths in project design to the test.

Their aim is to redesign the environments where we live and work day in day out to make them more attractive, more alive and dynamic. And also to give design a new dimension and a new role which is conceptual but not highbrow, extremely refined and complex, yet always warm and spontaneous.